Java Programming – Data Types, Variables and Constants

I am continuing on with my video series on Java programming for beginners.  In this video, I introduce and explain in detail with many many examples the concepts of data types, variables and constants in the Java programming language.  I also illustrate in detail how to use the assignment operator in Java. I also provide some good software engineering tips regarding their usage as well as point out several pit-falls and errors that beginner Java programmers may make.  So, if you are learning Java and are finding it quite challenging and only have a vague understanding of data types, variables, constants and the assignment operator, well this video seeks to bring clarity to these concepts, to explain briefly the theoretical background behind them, and more importantly, illustrating practically with many examples how to use them.

I hope you find it beneficial.  If you have comments, questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.  Thank you!

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