To paraphrase an oft-beaten cliché – it is only when our reach extends beyond our grasp are we in a position to strive.

A simple sentence masking so much reflection.  To reach out embodies three pre-requisites:

  1. To have a goal that is worth obtaining.
  2. To have a belief or the knowledge that the goal is obtainable.
  3. To have the means by which to obtain the goal.

There is a single thread woven through all three pre-requisites, a thread that unites them, is their source, their motivation and their final fulfillment – that thread is the goal.

A Seeker on the otherhand, given the question why are we here or what is the meaning of life, begins his journey not knowing the goal, not knowing the means by which to obtain the goal, nor whether it is obtainable to begin with.

Yet he is still motivated to seek, to reach out, to strive… Why?

The unplumbed depths of the human heart and its interior life, the unfailing courage of faith, the silent strength of hope and the beautiful mystery of love are part of the very fabric and essense of every human being.  The majesty and wonder of the universe, of which he is a guest momentarily…

Yes, there is much to seek.

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